BOYS College - Summer Institute

BOYS College Summer Literacy Institute is designed to advance reading, writing, intellectual and personal development of boys in the elementary grades. The boys will read and write about sociology, chemistry, mathematics, philosophy, humanities, law, engineering, biology, medicine, and economics during lessons designed for young boys.


The BOYS College Literacy Summer Institute is designed for elementary-aged boys who are good readers and writers and for those who are learning to read and write.


1. Read intellectually stimulating texts

2. Engage in interdisciplinary thinking

3. Build a relationship with texts across ten academic disciplines

4. Improve reading fluency


5. Strengthen their concept of reading

6. Improve reading comprehension

7. Write to demonstrate understanding of intellectually challenging readings

Each boy selected for BOYS College will be asked to complete a 1-hour reading assessment at the beginning and end of BOYS College Summer Institute.